Actividad cerebral, reencarnación y memoria colectiva – escena de "Waking Life"

Recién mientras escribía lo de Reiki y reflexionaba sobre “portar” una herramienta con respeto y humildad, me acordaba de esta escena de “Waking Life”, que me parece tiene en determinado momento cierto mensaje en torno a pensarnos energéticamente.

La protagonista “increpa” el concepto de reencarnación sosteniéndose más a favor del concepto de memoria colectiva, momento en el cual el protagonista (Ethan Hawke, por si no lo reconocieron) recuerda una investigación hecha para probar el efecto de la memoria colectiva en la habilidad de un grupo para resolver crucigramas.

Bueno, en definitiva me acordé de esta escena… yo tengo el libreto guardado, editado todo lindo (jaja, me acuerdo todo el tiempo que estuve editándolo, valió la pena) y también encontré la escena en Youtube… así que ahí la tienen, y acá abajo el texto en inglés. Si tengo ganas, en algún momento lo traduzco.

I keep thinking about something you said.

Something I said?

Yeah. About feeling like you observe your life… …from the perspective of an old woman about to die. Remember?

I still feel that way sometimes. Like I’m looking back on my life. Like my waking life is her memories.

Exactly. I heard that Tim Leary said as he was dying… …he looked forward to when his body was dead but his brain was alive. Those six to 12 minutes of brain activity after everything shuts down. And a second of dream consciousness is infinitely longer than a waking one. -Know what I mean?

Yeah. Like, I wake up at 10:12. Then I go back to sleep… …and have long, intricate dreams that seem hours long. Then I wake up and… …it’s 10:13.

Exactly. So in that six to 12 minutes of brain activity… …that could be your life. You are that woman, looking back over everything.

If I am? What would you be in that?

Whatever I am now. I mean, maybe I only exist in your mind. I’m still just as real as anything else.

I’ve been thinking about something you said. About reincarnation, and where all the new souls come from over time. Everybody always… …says they’re the reincarnation of Cleopatra or Alexander the Great. You know they were a dumb fuck like everyone else. I mean, it’s impossible. The world population has doubled in the past 40 years. So if you believe in that ego thing of one eternal soul… …you have a 50% chance of your soul being over 40. For it to be over 150 years old, it’s only one out of six.

Are you saying reincarnation doesn’t exist? Or we’re all young souls? Half of us are first-round humans? What are you–?

What I’m saying–

What’s your point?

I believe reincarnation is a poetic expression… …of what collective memory is. I read an article by a biochemist not long ago. He said when a member of a species is born… …it has a billion years of memory to draw on. This is where we inherit our instincts.

I like that. Like there’s… …this telepathic thing going on that we’re a part of… …whether we’re conscious of it or not. That would explain these… …seemingly spontaneous, worldwide, innovative leaps in science and art. Like the same results popping up everywhere, independent of each other. A guy on a computer figures something out and simultaneously… …a bunch of people figure out the same thing. They did this study. They isolated a group over time… …and they monitored their abilities at crossword puzzles… …in relation to the general population. Then they secretly gave them a day-old crossword. One already done by people. Their scores went up dramatically. Like 20% . It’s like once the answers are out there, people can pick up on them. It’s like we’re all telepathically sharing our experiences.


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